Ghana's Oil Find (Turning the Tide)

This documentary seeks to find an answer the question whether or not the not oil find in Ghana will turn out a blessing or a curse?

Ghana, over the years has made various attempts at oil discovery, but it was not until the year 2007, that 40 miles deep into the sea in the west of Cape Three Points, that high quality oil and gas was discovered.

Ghana with very high expectations from the citizenry has since started exploration and the impact both positive and negative is beginning to be realized. The destiny of the country is set to change.

Would the expectations turn into a feeling of despair and hopelessness? Is Ghana going to catch the Dutch disease? Should Ghana have tackled the find differently? So what is the way forward?

The Institute of Financial and Economic Journalists in collaboration with giz/SECO invites you to watch this story with an open mind as we all contribute our quota to ensuring that Ghana does not squander this national resource this time around.

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