In keeping with a lean but mean team, we have over the years cultivated working relationships with individual professionals whose expertise we tap on based on the suitability of such experience to the project at hand. These professionals are contracted as and when their expertise is required to bring the needed professionalism and finesse. They have become a part of the extended Damba Multimedia Family.

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Geoffrey Buta

"I will keep recommending Damba Multimedia Limited any day. I am impressed with the seriousness with which they attach to work as well as going the extra mile to satisfy their clients"
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Mascot Ernest Asare

"Damba is like a family! so much team work and plenty room to learn more."
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Daniel Paa Kwesi Richardson

Sound (Location and Post Production) / Video Editor
"Damba is a company that knows their way around the film industry perfectly. They maintain a beautiful relationship with all workers. Clients' satisfaction is their topmost priority.
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Adeline Eseli Bebli

Production Manager / Editor
"Damba Multimedia Limited is family"
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Prince Arthur

"I am very blessed to work with Damba Multimedia Limited. They smile at you. They help you. They answer your every question and the Boss, wow, he will make sure you are OK"
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Yemohley Adiza Yemoh

"I am Damba Multimedia Limited. Passion, Professionalism and Top-Notch experience"
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Kobina Nyanney

Cinematographer / Editor
"The hallmark of Damba Multimedia Limited is commitment, done well spirit, respect and faithfulness to both client and workforce. in one word, detail."
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Jesse Kwabena Boateng

Editor / Graphics & Animation
"Damba Multimedia Limited is where creativity meets funs."
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Abdulai Abdul- Fatawu

"Damba Multimedia Limited is one of the most professional multimedia houses in Ghana. The company works across the entire country as its not limited to only northern Ghana. Everything to me is perfect"
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Francis Djaba Adjingmatey

"I joined Damba as an intern in 2007. We travelled all over Ghana working on documentaries and corporate videos. I owe my experience to Damba Multimedia Limited. Damba had developed into one of Ghana's great multimedia companies and i am part to be a part of the success."
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Kafui Daniel

Web Creator / Designer
"Team Damba understands the nature of business. Damba is dynamic, always adjusting to the needs of our clients to make them smile"
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Michael Mandeiya

Photographer and Cinematographer
"Damba multimedia has great skilled team members for which each team member's taste for quality is outstanding!"
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Nzemahene Ackah Blay

Drone Pilot
"If I had to choose one word to describe Damba multimedia and the team,it would be, “Always.” Always available, always professional, always on time, always budget conscious, always conscientious, and always easy to work with. Damba multimedia makes you smile when the urgency comes.They have the magic.Working with the team is a magic full of happy stories."
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Brago Josephine

Radio Presenter / Voice Artiste
"I've been doing voice overs for a couple of years now. My first encounter with Damba multimedia was about some 3 years ago when I was asked to record a voice over concerning the tax stamp. By far, that has been my most memorable job I've had over the years of being a voice over artist.<br /> I learnt a lot from the CEO, his patience and the coaching I had from him is what I have inculcate in my job. So I say thank you, Damba multimedia. You don't just work, you mentor and also open doors for all"
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Michael Katahena

Broadcast Journalist / Voice Artiste
"I have worked on a few projects with Damba Multimedia for some time now...And I must say it's been a very professional and efficient working relationship."
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Samed Gaida

Broadcast Journalist
"I have had some working relationship with Damba Multimedia as a voice over artist and Media monitoring reporter for the past four years.<br /> And I must say they are a professional organization that does not compromise on quality and efficiency."
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Alhassan Abdul Washeed

Video journalist, Movie Producer, Director, Editor, Cinematographer and Script Writer
“Very few studios in our part of the region are as meticulous as Damba Multimedia when it comes to video production. They ensure your projects are done to perfection with state-of-the-art gadgets and equipment. I am always excited to work with them”