Damba Multimedia Limited is well equipped with the requisite tools require to execute your projects. It is a range of up-to-date cutting-edge hardware ready to bring your project from ideation to reality

Film and Television

fully equipped Production, Post Production, Graphics and Animation Studio. Our highend equipment list include: 

Television broadcast Documentary Package 

Full DSRL+ Accessory Package 

Action, Sports and Event Package 

Professional Sound Gear 

Post Production, Animation and graphics Package 

CD/DVD Duplication Package 

Professional Audio Production (Documentary Voice Narration, Jingles etc) 

Design and Artwork

State-of-the-art Apple based workstations plus accompanying software including:





A full-fledged print house equipped with machines for the following:

Large Format Printing                             Display Stands

Screen Printing                                          ID Cards

Embroidery                                                Calendars 

Heat Press                                                   Diaries

Poster                                                           Brochures 

Flyers                                                           Leaflets 

Stickers                                                        Folders

Caps, Cups and Mugs                               Notepads           

Car Branding                                              Business Cards 

CD &DVD Sleeves and Inlays