BSS Financial Reporting

This is a tutorial video produced for the Business Service Support (BSS) Providers of the 2SCALE PROGRAM This tutorial video provides key information for the targeted Business Service Support (BSS) Providers so they can easily understand and can apply good practice on fund management basics and how to report their expenses using 2SCALE PROGRAM Financial...

“Me Na Miawue Nanyo”

"Me Na Miawue Nanyo" This video documentary captures the stories of the women VSLA in 4 communities in two clusters to highlight the achievement of the 2SCALE program. The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through the Directorate-General for International Cooperation (DGIS) awarded the 2SCALE program to a consortium comprising the International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC)...

No Idle Hands

No Idle Hands This documentary follows the lives of five beneficiaries (3 male and 2 female), of the Youth Empowerment for Life’s (YEfL) Youth-Led Initiatives for Employment (Youth LIFE before the project and how the project has transformed them. The documentary extrapolates their future given the skills and the ancillary packages they received while recording...


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