To deliver informed multimedia services based on hands-on industry knowledge, technical knowhow, a real appreciation and understanding of our clients’ needs and genuine passion and love for what we do.

Our Story

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DAMBA MULTIMEDIA –  is a total one stop multimedia services and documentary film production company established in September 2007 based in Ghana in Tamale and Accra


Yid Yidana
MD – Damba Multimedia

J’ai eu le bonheur de coopérer avec l’agence Damba pour produire un film documentaire sur le travail de IFDC au Ghana et j’ai hautement apprécié le professionnalisme, la rigueur et la créativité de l’équipe Damba.


Mahamane Elhadji Touré

Ancien chargé de la Communication pour le projet 2SCALE

Damba Multimedia have very good knowledge of the local terrain be it political, socio-economical or cultural. This transcends into their work which in turn has added a lot of value to our documentaries on which they have partnered with us.

Ramesh Jai

CEO, Apex Advertising & Post Production-Ghana

It was my absolute pleasure to work with Damba Multimedia early in 2019 on two Tutorial Videos, one in English, shot in Tamale (Ghana) and another one in French, shot in Abidjan (Côte d’ Ivoire)
Yidana the Managing Director and his entire team were professional, flexible and very efficient.
They came up with excellent techniques that clearly explained, step by step, how to do a financial reporting using our organization’s tools. A quality product was delivered on time and both tutorial videos are now being used by our partners in 8 African countries (Ghana, Mali, Ethiopia, Burkina Faso Nigeria, Kenya, Niger and Côte d Ivoire,)
I enthusiastically recommend Damba Multimedia. Their work will exceed your expectations.
Vous cherchez un professionel pour réaliser un documentaire par exrmple? Damba Multimedia a des solutions appropriées et specifiques à vos besoins.

Françoise Lema Sayi

Partnership Contracts Manager 2SCALE | www.2scale.org IFDC Cotonou Office, Benin

Damba Multimedia first interviewed me in 2015 in my capacity as the Team Leader of the STAR-Ghana programme on a television documentary project as part of the close-out of phase 1 of the programme.

Damba Multimedia delivered a quality documentary that addressed all our needs. Among the documentaries produced for the programme close-out, the Damba Multimedia documentary has been the one that the programme has used most for its communications and learning activities. I have found the team very professional and capable, paying attention to detail, always seeking to understand what the client wants and willing and able to work to very tight timelines.

Amidu Ibrahim Tanko

Programme Director, Star Ghana

The Dedicated Team at Damba Multimedia

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Yid Yidana

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Hafiz hafiz

Art Director
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Abdul Hakim

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Miba Elizabeth

Markup Artist